OPEN DAY - 15th December 2015

To celebrate the completion of the major renovations carried out during the summer months to create a new bar, lounge area, ladies toilets and a central heating system to provide for both this new area and also to heat the auditorium and hallway, there was an open day on Sunday 15th December which attracted over 200 visitors.

The event was formally opened by Inspector Simon Outen of the Lincolnshire Constabulary following a dedication address given by Alan Ayris, GTC Chairman. There was a full schedule of activities and entertainment including tours of the building, live music, readings, Morris dancing and competitions for the younger visitors. 

We secured the funding from the WREN FCC Building Communities Fund and West Lindsey Council which together was nearly £90,000, and we are most grateful to both WREN and WLDC for their support and financial assistance. Members of both organisations attended the open day celebrations.



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10th - 13th November 

An Evening of Short Plays

This trilogy of One Act plays featured:

Dancers by  Jean McConnell

Plaster by Richard Harris

Remembering Things


25th April


They entertained us with traditional music & songs from Ireland & beyond.

The starting point, and shared love of the band, is music from the Irish tradition, but if they stumble upon a number which suits them, they're happy to tackle other styles.

The 'craic' is an important concept for the boys and no toe is left un-tapped in a Róisín Bán show. There's also more than a few laughs along the way as well.



25th -28th March 

 Sweeney Todd & the String of Pearls

'Sweeney Todd and the String of Pearls' or 'Don't Eat the Pies' is a new stage adaptation by Dave Scott from the original serial novel of the same title by Thomas Pecket Prest first published in 1847.

With a cast of 15 including old faithful's Alan Ayris, Jason Browne and Eleanor Bowker and the very talented Eddie Panter, Dave Scott and Mandy Austen who appeared most recently in our last very successful production 'You Should See Us Now' plus others you will know and some exciting newcomers this Victorian tale of love, murder and greed will intrigue.  


This was a spectacular re-interpretation of this classic play.





Youth Theatre production of Red Riding Hood

 A surprisingly new take on an old favourite fairy tale. This was written and performed by the cast and directed by Jason Browne. 





 10th - 14th NOVEMBER 

Another comedy 'You Should See Us Now' by Peter Tinniswood, featuring several new acting members. 



21st - 26th July

 One For the Road

A comedy by Willy Russell



 WW1 Memories

An evening of Poems, Music, Film show of over 500 images taken by soldiers and journalists and Letters from people who experienced the horrors and privation of this period.

There was a display of uniforms, weapons and other items, many of which were loaned by the Gainsborough Local History Society. The evening was supported by the Royal British Legion and all proceeds for the sale of tickets to the event were given to the local branch.  


17th - 22nd March

Dead Guilty

A psychological thriller by Richard Harris

This well attended production was directed by Jason Browne and stared  Sophie Kelly as "Julia", Chloe MacDonald as "Margaret", Alex Oxford as "Anne" and Timothy Snell as "Gary". 

The play received a superb review from NODA (National Operatic and Dramatic Association) .Most of the cast had never performed a full two act play before but took it very much in their stride and appeared very professional.


14th February 

On Valentine's day day we performed 'Love Letters' a play by AR Gurney, which was a finalist in the Pullitzer prize for Drama.

This two act play has just two characters, with Alan Ayris playing "Andy Makepeace Ladd" and Eleanor Bowker as "Mellissa".
It charts their relationship over nearly 50 years from their childhood friendship through a range of trials and tribulations, breakups and reconciliations. 



The successful run of 'Summer End' by Eric Chappel (creator of the hit TV series, 'Rising Damp') from the 18th to the 22nd of November starred Eleanor Bowker as Emily Baines, Sue Hill as May Brewer, Jason Browne as Alan Baines, Kim Newby as Diana Lang and Sophie Kelly as Sally. Direction by Alan Ayris.

Set in a retirement home Emily and May share a room. Emily is convinced that her previous roommate Bella was murdered, but she is cantankerous, frail and forgetful. and no-one really believes her! Was Bella murdered and if so who did it?


An email from an audience member:

"We came to your performance last Wednesday 20th and would like to congratulate you all on a brilliant achievement. The play was a tricky subject considering the age bracket of the audience, fortunately it was a very good play, well written and constructed. the Performances of the cast were excellent and Eleanor and Sue were remarkable. All that dialogue! We wish you all the best for tonight and Friday. Many thanks for a great evening's entertainment".

From an audience member:

"Thoroughly enjoyed Summer End.  You really suited your parts extremely well and maintained the sense of impending doom/mystery right up to the final moments. The set was fine: how many care home rooms are virtually identical to the one occupied by Emily and May? The costumes were fine and the lighting and sound effects were good. I liked the way you changed the props and so forth between scenes; very economical".

 The NODA review:

"Eric Chappell's whodunnit included many red herrings and the mystery deepened gradually until the funal denoument. Summer End was the name of a care home for the elderly and the set consisted of the room occupied by Emily (Eleanor Bowker) and May (Sue Hill). This was a pretty good representation of such a room. We also met the matron of the home: Mrs Lang (Kim Newby) and also Sally (Sophie Kelly) who played the rather stroppy young care home assistant. Jason Browne was Emily's son, Alan. 

Emily purported to be wheelchair bound and pretty helpless. Frankly she gloried in being downright cantankerous most of the time. The verbal battles between her and the rest of the characters were so realistic and the standard of acting all round was excellent. This tale made for compulsive viewing. The lighting and sound effects were complementary, the costumes were suitable and I liked the way the members of the cast deslt with the essential changes of props as necessary. This was excellent theatre ".


The GTC played host this month to two outside theatre company productions.

On Friday 18th  Hambeldon Productions staged the hilarious comedy 'An Apple a Day', written  by local playwright John Hewer. The cast was Luke Adamson, Peter Hoggart, Simon Weeds and John Hewer. The play was directed by Rachel Hewer. 

Two warring doctors fight for sole representation of a serene backwater village called Pulham Down. The show features multi-role playing, surreal characters, slapstick, witty dialogue and a hint of satire. The production follows the company's recent successes with Educating Rita and Hancock's Half Hour.



The second play this month, on the 25th was 'Shirley Valentine' produced and performed by another local production company Old Forge Productions.  This play has a single actress, Michelle Ellerington, and was written by the multi-award winning Willy Russell. 

Shirley is a 42 year-old Liverpudlian woman who has raised two children who have now flown the nest. That leaves Shirley in a humdrum existence cooking and cleaning for her husband, Joe, who can only relate to a life of regimented predictability. So, when a friend offers to take Shirley off to Greece for a two week holiday, she leaps at the chance even though she knows Joe will be furious. Nevertheless, plans are laid and the freezer is stashed with pre-coked meals so Shirley's mother can reheat them for Joe's supper, and Shirley gets her 10 year passport and heads off for adventure in the sun.



Two GTC productions ran side by side during the month. 'Theatrical Digs' by Jean McConnell starred Sue Hill and  Eleanor Bowker.

We also staged a re-run of 'A Day to Remember', which had been performed to critical aclaim in Sheffield only two months earlier. The play is set on the birthday of main protagonist Sue. A day out and a meal for two at her favourite restaurant is all she is hoping for. But Brian, her husband, has arranged a day to remember - as only he could. A Day To Remember is written by local playwright Kim Newby, starring Phil Jones and Sue Hill.


"If anything, 'A Day to Remember' was even better than the last time I saw it. Phil and Sue really gave it a terrific lot in the way of changes of emotion and good use of their delivery of the lines. I was very impressed with it".  

"Equally so was my reaction to the Deckchairs play: 'Theatrical Digs'. I thought you and Sue played the parts so very well. I began to forget that she was reading the part and you reacted so well to all the play required from you both". 

 The NODA review:

"The first of the plays was "A Day to Remember", written by GTC member Kim Newby. Husaband and wife Brian and sue were out celebrating her birthday, but what should have been a happy occasion was fraught with probelems and you knew the day would end badly. Both actors played their roles extremely well.

The second play was "Theatrical Digs", one of the deckchair series. Unfortunately one of the two ladies had to drop out at short notice and Sue Hill took her role. She read the part and made a wonderful job of it. Eleanor Bowker was the other member of ther cast. some of her lines were particularly pithy and 'loaded' and she delivered them with just the right amount of aplomb.

For both of these plays the technical aspects were in safe hands. The props were very pleasing and so were the costumes. This was am excellent evenings entertainment".

20th June
Gainsborough Theatre Company presented 
'A Day To Remember'
at Sheffield And District Amateur Theatre Association One Act Play Festival 2013!
We are thrilled and proud, out of ten theatre companies taking part, to have WON the award for Best Original Script.
A Day To Remember was written by local playwright
and GTC Director Kim Newby.
We also recieved nominations for Best Actor (Phil Jones), Best Actress (Sue Hill), Best Direction (Gill Blow) and Best Sound (Tom Finney). We had a fabulous time performing at the Sheffield Library Theatre for this event, and would like to thank the organisers and also those from the GTC Team who supported the event in person on the night - Kim Newby, Grahame Nixon, Barry Gillson and families.
4th - 9th March
Gainsborough Theatre Company presented .... Shakers!

This amateur production was presented by arrangement with Josef Weinberger Limited. Shakers was written By John Godber & Jane Thornton.


Laura Martin as Mel

Susan Hill as Carol

Caroline Hewis as Nicky

Lauren Sheriff as Adele


Director - Kim Newby

Stage Manager/Props/Set Dressing/Prompt - Gill Blow

Lighting & Sound - Tom Finney

Set Build - Tom Finney & Dave Kendell

With special thanks also to the Front Of House team

Click HERE to see a local news report for the show!