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If you or somebody you know is interested in joining a youth theatre
then you have come to the right place!

We specialise in all aspects of theatre for children aged 7 to 16 years old and we meet on Tuesday evenings during term time from 6pm to 7.30pm.

At the Old Nick we believe that being involved in theatre and drama inspires young people to develop their own creativity, build their self-confidence and foster a lifelong love of theatre and learning.

During the sessions the children develop their acting, singing and dancing skills as well as gaining a greater knowledge of stagecraft, costume & make-up.

The sessions are run and organised by a group of our members who have many years of experience working with children. Our team aspire to develop the young actors and actresses skills in performance, and also just as importantly their social skills and teamwork with other young people who have a passion for theatre.

We divide the year into 3 terms and our membership

fee is only £5 per term.

Cast of Cinderella, December 2016
Cast of Cinderella, December 2016


For more information or to get more information please call 01427 239387 or email

Jasmine as Buttons


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The Youth Theatre performed a modern version of Little Red Riding Hood in December 2014. The audience reviews varied from "a novel take on a traditional children's story, most enjoyable" to "considering that some were very young, they acted very well".

And in 2015 they performed a thought provoking play about bullying which they had written themselves. All the audience members enjoyed the evening  and left with a new insight into how bullying has moved into the age of social media.