Lights Out Investigations in association with the Old Nick


The Old Nick has a long history of paranormal activity which occurs both during daylight and night hours. The building is a former Police Station and Magistrates Court. The police occupied the ground floor for the administration of justice and the upper floors were originally used as accommodation for the Superintendent and his family, in later years after he moved to purpose built accommodation the first floor was converted into a court room.

The ground floor has now been returned as far as possible to its former state when the police occupied it, complete with male and female cells and a significant collection of police memorabilia. 

Lights Out has an unrivaled reputation for the professional standards they employ in investigating paranormal activity in buildings across the country. The Old Nick is proud to work in association with Lights Out. The events are limited to 12 people and you are advised to book early as these events are always very popular.

All proceeds from paranormal investigations by Lights Out conducted at the Old Nick will be used to protect and improve this grade II listed building and to enhance the visitor experience.